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Strategy Associates Group

Our Strategy Associates Group provides top management teams access to the qualified consultants, subject matter experts, and strategic analysts they need to address a broad range of mission-critical requirements.  Our team has extensive experience in market analysis, long-range scenario development, strategic planning, innovation, and Lean Six Sigma business process redesign.  We work closely with senior management, marketing, business development, R&D, and other groups to create business models and strategic plans that help to both grow the business and enhance customer value.  We partner with our government clients to create citizen-centric solutions that bring exceptional value to their constituents while helping government program managers operate within increasingly constrained annual budgets. 

Our primary strategy solutions offerings include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Scenario Development
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation
  • Wargaming and Competitive Simulations
  • Organizational Design and Transformation



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