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Our Insights

The Clovis Point Solutions network of consultants, subject matter experts (SMEs), and strategic analysts partners with clients to create and implement innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges they are facing.  We combine our expert knowledge with practical experience accumulated over many years of working with government agencies, international organizations, and businesses of all sizes to produce recommendations that are factually-based, feasible, and acceptable to all stakeholders.  Our commitment to our clients is that our insights will always be clearly articulated and honestly presented. 
In addition to the direct value they provide our clients, the members of our expert network are all actively engaged in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the broader strategy and security communities.  They do this by creating white papers, speaking at government and industry events, publishing articles in trade publications and providing interviews.  Here are just a few examples:

“In-Bound Mail Security”, Philadelphia Secure World Expo, May 2008.  Robert Hahn presented an overview of mail screening technology and biohazard risk mitigation during a security industry panel discussion.

“Strengthening Security in Company Mail Operations", Strafford, November 2007.  Robert Hahn provided insights on mail screening technology and offsite mail center facilities as part of a security industry webinar.

“Secure Your Mail Center”, Mailing Systems Technology, May 2007.  An overview by Robert Hahn on steps to take to achieve mail center security without sacrificing efficiency.

“Marketing to Government Agencies”, BtoB Magazine, May 2007.  An interview with Robert Hahn about the challenges of marketing to government agencies.

“The World of Security and Continuity”, Mailing Systems Technology, September 2006.  A description by Robert Hahn of the basic steps a mail center manager should take to create a mail center continuity plan.

“From Security to Business Continuity: New Challenges for Mail Center Managers”, August 2006.  Robert Hahn addresses the contributions mail center security precautions can make to emergency preparedness planning.
“Status Report on DHS SAFETY Act”, GSN: Government Security News, June  2006. Robert Hahn comments on the value of DHS SAFETY Act certification to companies in the mail screening industry.

“Points of Defense:  A Study of Industry Sectors Propensity to Be Attacked”, Pitney Bowes, May 2006. This is a Pitney Bowes research report on the likelihood of mail-based attacks in various industry sectors.

“The Digital Mailroom”, Digital Publishing Solutions, March 2006.  Robert Hahn comments on the transition from paper mail to digital mail in an article that surveys the state of digital mail technology offerings.

“Enterprise-Wide Mail and Document Security”, Pivotal Thoughts, Pitney Bowes Inc., 2004.  A Pitney Bowes executive-level review of technologies and processes that can be adopted to enhance mail and document security in large enterprises.

“Congress Works on New Way to Deliver Mail”, Washington Post, February 4, 2004.  An article that examines the digital mail technology adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives following the 2001 anthrax incidents.

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