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Event Solutions Group

Clovis Point Solutions, LLC, provides a full range of event management solutions for political campaigns, nonprofit fundraising, and other special events. From the earliest stages of planning and design, through site selection and vendor negotiations to site setup and event day logistics, we make sure everything stays on schedule and on budget.

What you can expect from our Event Solutions Group:

  • Political Events - Our team has wide-ranging experience managing political events at the local, state and national levels. We provide all required support for meet & greets, large scale rallies, town halls, local speeches, and national media events. Whether supporting your in-house team or managing the entire process ourselves, our event experts will plan, organize and execute your activity from concept development to complete event day logistics.
  • Fundraising Events - We provide direct strategic and technical support and services to your organization before, during, and after your fundraising event. Our team specializes in developing and managing online, silent, and live auctions for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We will set up your online auction, actively promote it using a variety of online and email marketing tools, provide regular management updates throughout the auction, and ensure timely and accurate closeout of the winning bids. Whether managing your event night auctions or your entire gala fundraising event, we will make sure you raise the most money possible for your nonprofit organization.
  • Special Events – Your special events are special to us too. From holiday parties to personal milestones to weddings and other events, our team can manage the entire day for you. We can design your event around any theme and any budget. We can also provide affordable professional event day onsite management for an event you have planned yourself. We make it possible for you to enjoy the event as much as your guests and still stay within your budget.

Clovis Point Solutions, LLC - 11033 Thrush Ridge Road, Reston, VA 20191